Dr. massing Eye lash serum

LongLashes  eyelash conditioner  revitalizes and stimulates the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes.

The active ingredient (prostaglandin) in Dr. MASSING Long Lashes eyelash conditioner originates from research into glaucoma and was further developed for cosmetic use. This substance stimulates the hair roots, prolongs the growth phase and works against the failure of the hair. Apply LongLashes once a day, preferably at night, to cleansed skin as an eyeliner applied on the upper lash line. Already after 4-6 weeks, thin, brittle and short lashes will be noticeable LONGER, STRONGER and FULLER  and also the hairs may be a shade darker.

Long Lashes is dermatologically tested and contains only ingredients with proven efficacy and tolerance. Long Lashes contains no dyes, fragrances and preservatives (parabens).

Dr. MASSING Long Lashes can also be used on the eyebrows. Results eyebrows approximately 2-3 months

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