FunghiClear with Manuka Olie

Manuka oil is an essential oil that is extracted from the Manuka plant in New Zealand. The Manuka plant is family of Melaleuca Alternifoliaof  which Tea Tree Oil is extracted. Manuka Oil gives up to date no known side effects. Research also indicates that the fungal inhibitory action of Manuka oil is assessed as very strong. An other  advantage is that Manuka oil has a pleasant smell.

Is a natural spray that inhibits mold growth;
– Can also be used for fungal nails if they are caused by fungi;
– Can also be used to clean the shoes;
– Fungi often move via the shoe and can so reach other places on the foot.
– Also contains natural ingredients that help balance the skin and thereby avoid further inconvenience;
– Can be used as a deodorant for excessive sweating of the feet

– Funghi Clear € 17.80

Is a newly developed product for external use for muscle and joint pain. Muscle Clear has a short and a long lasting effect. By cooling and then spreading a pleasant warmth pain perception is affected positive immidiately. The ingredient Glucosamine (Glucosamine is a substance found in the synovial space around the joints) is responsible for the long-lasting effect.
Glucosamine provides greater mobility of the joints
Improves blood circulation
– Decomposition in the muscles are discharged more quickly so that muscles can function properly
– Aches and pains due to swelling decrease
– Has a strong cooling effect on the affected area
– Has a function that penetrates deep into the tissue
– Goes against edema formation
– Promotes tissue repair

– Muscle Clear € 17.80

An effective spray against perspiration odor from  the feet and shoes.  Many people suffer from excessive sweating and smelling feet. This is caused by dying microbes that release their scent if they are not removed. They say that only old sweat  smells and new sweat sweat not. SudorClear is a unique foot deodorant that helps combat these odors easily.
The shoes are a receptacle for microbes, because normally shoes are not cleaned on the inside. Maintaining shoes on the outside will still be done because we see this and is a part of our appearance. Only in exceptional cases we worry about the inside of our shoes. Only when the smell is really unbearable is are willing to do something about it. With SudorClear this is a very easy task
Deodorant for your feet. SudorClear is a spray deodorant, which can be applied both to the feet as in the shoes. It takes unwanted odors caused by the breakdown products contained in sweat. It also takes away odors that are caused by bacteria and fungi.
Shoes are a good hiding place for bacteria, fungi and other microbes. SudorClear can be safely applied to the inside of the shoe. As a result, the environment of the shoe is unattractive for microbes. Moreover SudorClear removes unpleasant odors from shoes.
– Fights the smell of excessive perspiring feet;
– Take unwanted odors in shoes.
– Can also be used to clean shoes;
– Makes the Shoe an unattractive environment for microbes;
– Does not damage the tissue of the shoes and is invisible.

– SudorClear € 17.80

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