The MiniLift treatment is a cosmetic lifting treatment based on Aloe Vera. By applying the matched Mini Lift products, a kind of passive gymnastics takes place in the epidermis and the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, the microcirculation is turned on, which leads to improved skin blood flow. The skin is in optimum condition to absorb ingredients that reduce wrinkles and gets a healthier, more youthful and firmer appearance. The MiniLift treatment gives a great improvement in skin condition, which is already clearly visible after the (first) treatment. When you take a sequence of treatments this gives a firming and rejuvenating effect.

After just one treatment the difference is clearly visible and palpable! Within the limits of the possibilities of a non-surgical cosmetic treatment Minilift brings a dramatic improvement. For home use there are products developed to support the Minilift treatment.

You can get a folder with more information in the salon.

Single minilift treatment€   60,00
5x treatments€ 260,00
10x treatments€ 495,00

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