Pedicure treatments

Pedicure treatment                                                                        € 24,50
Pedicure treatment the luxe                                                         € 35,50
Including hot towels on feet, a scrub, mask and a lovely feetmassage
Partial pedicure treatment                                                           € 17,50
Only cutting nails, treatment of a corn or ingrowing nail treatment.

Laquer of nails:
Standard treatment ( bring your own lacquer)                          €   5,00
lacquers with Gellak, this is cured under a UV lamp                 € 25,00
6-8 weeks tenable

Nail corrections:
With Sculpture gel                                                                            € 17,50
With a nail bracket                                                                           € 17,50

Nail correction

Do you suffer from an ugly fungal nail, nail trauma (a severely damaged nail), a ingrown  nail – or tunnel nail?
Then there are, depending on the condition of the nail (s) two possibilities, which are discussed in consultation with you.
– Repair through sculpture Clear Gel
– Repair by means of a nail bracket

Sculpture gel: In the case of an ugly fungal nail or nail trauma, sculpture gel can be a solution, with the gel a “new” nail
will be formed.The sculpture gel has a large tensile force which ensures that the nail grows back adjusted in
the correct way it should be.
In the case of a tunnel or ingrown nail, the treatmetn also eliminate the pain symptoms.
In case of fungal nail the mold is removed as much as possible and after application the gel, the nail  can

be treated with an anti-fungal product, so that it can grow back as a healthy nail.
After treatment your feet may be seen again!
Correction with nail sculpture gel € 17.50 (per nail, with several nails price on request)

Nail bracket:

A nail correction with a nail bracket (BS-Spange system) is a modern and fast method for tunnel nails and ingrown nails to be treated.
The bracket itself is a thin narrow strip which consists of a layer with a glass fiber reinforcing plastic.
This bracket is glued to the nail, this creates a voltage on the nail which ensures that the nail is brought back again in its original shape.
You’ll notice that the pain will be immediately reduced or even completely disappeared.

Nail correction with the BS-Spange bracket € 17.50

Below are some examples of the results to be achieved with BS Spange bracket:

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