Prices of Schoonheidssalon Josje

Pedicure treatments:

Pedicure treatment€ 24,50
Pedicure pamper treatment€ 35,50
Including, hot towels on feet, a scrub, feet mask and a massage.
Partial treatment€ 17,50
Only cutting nails, or removal of a corn, or ingrowing nail.
Standard (with own lacquer)€   5,00
Apply gellak€ 25,00
(is cured with UV light, 2-3 weeks)
Nail Repair with sculpture gel va.
Nail repair with BS-Spangen beugel
€ 17,50
€ 17,50

Facial treatments:

All facials include a skin analysis, (deep-) clensing, removal of impurities and a nourishing day/night cream.

Basic€ 29,50
See above
Basic plus€ 39.50
Including: a mask, epilation of eyebrows, hand massage
Basic deluxe€ 49,50
Including: a mask, epilation of eyebrows, hand massage and an extensive facial massage
 Basic treatments for man from€ 29,50
All basic treatments as described above but with products tailored to men’s skin
Beauty of the Sea Boost treatment€ 56,00
Especially for the skin that can use a boost (e.g. a tired, very dry or pulling skin) treatment is lifting, revitalising and moisturizing and contains elements from the sea such as algae and plankton
Anti-aging treatment€ 62,50
The myoxinol added in this treatment combats wrinkles in the same manner as botox (but is a vegetable and non-hazardous product).
Myoxinol works in two ways: the biological activity gives a delay of the cell aging process and the mechanical effect prevents the contraction of the mimic facial muscles.
The skin becomes smoother and gives a younger and fresh look.

Part treatments

Epilation€ 12,50
Eyelash or eyebrow tinting€ 10,00
Eyebrow and eyelash tinting€ 17,50
Eyebrow tinting and epilation€ 21,00
Eyebrow, eyelash and epilation€ 26,50
Waxing upper lip or chin€   9,00
Waxing upper lip and chin€ 15,00
Make up€ 25,00

Mini lift:

Single minilift treatment€  60,00
5x treatments€260,00
10x treatments€495,00


Full body massage , 55 minutes€ 55,00
Leg massage (front and rear side), 25 minutes€ 26,50
Back, neck massage, 25 minutes€ 26,50


Lower legs€ 18,50
Upper legs€ 19,50
Upper and lower legs€ 35,00
Armpits€ 15,00
Upper or lower arms€ 12,50
Upper and lower arms€ 23,00
Bikini line€ 15,00


Basic treatment€ 17,50
Standard (with own lacquer)€   5,00
Apply gel lacquer€ 25,00
(is cured with UV light, lasts 2-3 weeks ).
Prices are subject to change and printing errors


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