Webecos: the World’s BEst COSmetics!

That was the ambition of beautician Len Klaphaak  when she introduced Webecos in 1962 as the first real Dutch brand with products that contain high concentrations of clinically tested ingredients  and that therefore gives  something more than just a ‘ pampering ‘ effect. Since then thousands of beauticians use to full  satisfaction Webecos cosmetics in their salon. Webecos is a ‘ cosmeceutisch ‘ brand for more than 50 years, that is able to connect a pharmaceutical look to a good value for money. Thanks to this long experience  WEBECOS has extensive knowledge of new active ingredients and recipes, with whichthey are  always leading  with the development of new products. The core values are authenticity and simplicity.

Available in the shop: 

Aloe Vera day cream-50 ml € 18.40
• a protective day cream for normal/combination skin.
The cream is moisturizing, works against infections and soothes irritated skin.

Aloe Vera night cream-50 ml €19.20 
• there are extra nourishing lipids added tot he  night cream. Fights the first wrinkles

Hyfac Cream-50 ml € 21.80
• 24-hour Hydrating cream. The cream contains a powerful moisturizer from the lactic acid extract and avocado oil. In addition, allantoïne  and vitamin E is added and the cream is particularly suitable for dehydrated and dry skin.

Myox day cream-50 ml  € 30.80 
• Anti Wrinkle Cream for mature skin and skin that shows the first signs of wrinkles; the cell aging slows down, and  prevents contraction of the mimic facial muscles. The skin becomes tighter and gets a younger and fresh look.

Myox night cream-50 ml € 35.50
• this night cream is fully updated on the day cream, also contains myoxinol and the enriching care of aloe vera, plant hormones and marine collagen.

 Antelea-50 ml € 21.80 
• for skin with rosacea and to reduce redness due to engorgement. The active ingredients from chestnut and mistletoe extract provide a tonic and vascular engorgement reducing effect.

Cremalgin-50 ml € 19.00 
Is a strong mattifying day cream
• for oily and blemished skin. As active ingredients in the cream are marine algae, yeast extract and vitamin B complex processed. These give a hydrating, anti-inflammatory, tonic and regenerating effect.

Depigmentin-50 ml € 14.70  
• this cream can reduce “old age” spots in the skin. (this can differ per person)

Beauty of the sea oxygen stay on lift-30 ml € 34.50
• A cel rejuvinaling serum with lifting properties which makes wrinkles fade. The cream can be used as serum or as 24 hour cream

Cleansing milk-250 ml  € 20,40
• for each skintype, cleans the skin in a pleasant and effective way, though further cleaning with a lotion is necessary

Azulen cleansing oil-250 ml € 17.90
• Hyrofiele oil for a mild but careful cleaning of the skin. Contains almond oil, vitamin E and azulene for an extra soothing effect

Azulen lotion-250 ml € 18.60
• for sensitive, quickly irritated skin.

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